CMUK -vs- Car Manufacturers

Why shop with us?


Why shop with us when searching for the ideal car mats? We’ve had a lot of positive comments and reviews this year already and we’re only in March! But one thing we’ve seen a lot of recently is you lovely people comparing our products. You have been comparing them to the genuine car mats you can buy direct from the manufacturer. It's great to see how happy you are that you shopped with us rather than direct with the car manufacturer. So from all of us here, thank you. 

This got us thinking about how we try to differentiate ourselves from other retailers and the car manufacturers.


“I’d buy from here over a dealer or Halfords any day”

“Better than the original Qashqai mats I had”

“No matter what make of car the mats provided always fit correctly. They are such a good quality that they are as good and in most cases better than the originals”


We’ve seen some car mats come through our car park in various models. Many didn’t feature the anti-slip backing that our mats do. Our mats are tailor made to fit your vehicle floor and accommodate your fixing points. Our mats feature our anti-slip backing which helps provide extra security and support when driving. If your vehicle doesn’t have fixing points then don't worry. Our mats still provide you with a safer driving experience than if your car mats were to not feature anti-slip backing. For the price you’d be paying direct with the manufacturer you’d expect something as simple as this to be included. 

Speaking of price …

The price difference is one of the biggest things we hear about from our customers. In disbelief we had a look on some of the car manufacturer’s websites. We were shocked at the difference in price (don’t worry, we won’t start charging those kinds of prices!). 

Our carpet mats start from £19.99 for a set of 4. When you buy direct with the car manufacturer you can be paying £60 for their equivalent standard of carpet. Oh ad that’s just for the rears! For £59.99 you can get a full set of 4 for your car with us in our highest quality carpet. Top end carpet with the car manufacturers for just the rear mats can be in excess of £100! 

Looking at our 3mm rubber mats, a set of 4 start from £32.99. Whereas car manufacturers will charge in the region of £35-£40 for their basic rubber quality. Yes you're right, and that’s just for, you guessed it, the rears only.


“Very good value and fit my Jeep Cherokee perfectly, gave me a saving of £80 on manufacturer’s list price”

“Good value for money compared to buying from main car dealers”

“At £19.99 for the cheapest set, these are a great deal”

Tell us more...


While looking at these prices for just the rear car mats – we also found some websites quite difficult to navigate. This is another thing we’ve noticed with some of our feedback. A lot of you have said how easy our website is to work which is music to our ears! We use this same template across our,, and websites.


“Website is nice and clear. Options are clearly laid out for us to see and pricing add ons were also very clear”

“Website was clear with the options. It made it easy for me to make sure I was getting the right boot liner for my car”

“Easy to navigate website to select required items”

Why shop with us? Do you really need any more reasons? Ok, well here you go!


Our products can also be customised with coloured trims and embroidery. You also have a choice of carpet and rubber quality and a choice of carpet colour. You also have a choice of rubber designs and various heel-pad upgrades! This means that through Premier Products you can customise every aspect of your purchase. Shopping direct with the car manufacturers won’t give you this. They don't allow you to have as much choice and control on exactly how your mats will look. Which is fine if you just want standard black mats.


“love the fact that you can customise it if you wish to. I got a pink trim”

“Really liked the fact that you can choose different options and colours”

“Look great in the car. Red border around the black mats looks great!”


Did you know that if you shop with Premier Products – you’re buying British? 

In recent times we’re seeing a lot more people wanting to buy local and support British industry. Maybe it’s patriotism, maybe it’s Brexit – who knows?! But when you buy direct from the car manufacturer – these products are often made abroad. Whereas ours are made right here in the UK! All of our made to order products are manufactured in Nottingham, England. So when you shop with Premier you’re supporting your local business and your local economy. Studies show that for every £10 you spend with a British company it actually generates £50 for the local economy.