Got a Photo You Love? Get it on Your Mats!

Get a photo you love on your mats at the click of a button! Maybe a photo of the kids, your dog or your favourite holiday? You can now get it printed on your mats. 

Get a photo you love on your mats and stand out from the crowd! One of the more recent products to become available is our Personalised Image Mats and Personalised Image Heel pads. We’ve had some great images sent in from customers. Everything from family days out at the beach to lazy days in the garden with the dogs. We’ve loved every one of them!

Plus it’s available on both car mats and van mats.

So how does it all work you ask? 

The hardest part we find is choosing the right image. What will it be? Well, why not have a look through your camera roll and Facebook for some inspiration? Seriously, this is the hardest part of this whole thing!

Once you’ve chosen your image (and all the hard work is finally over), place your order as normal. Make sure you select the Personalised Image from either the Quality or Heelpad drop down menu. Before entering any card details, a screen will appear that prompts you to attach the image you’ve chosen to your order.*

Once we’ve got your order, our team here will resize the image to fit. They then send you a preview of how your mats will look as Personalised Image mats. Or maybe you chose a set of mats with a Personalised Image Heel pad. You’ll receive an e-mail to let you know your preview is ready and then simply approve or provide feedback to our team. You can make any changes at this point.

When we’re ready to go, we use a process called 'dye-sublimation'.

Dye-sublimation is when the image is printed onto transfer paper and then heat pressed at 190 degrees. This traps and binds the ink directly on to the carpet fibres. Once the mat has then cooled, the ink won't run (even if you do get a bit of water on there!).  

That’s all well and good but… what do they actually look like?

Well really they can look like just about anything – that’s all down to you!

That’s the great thing about these mats, each set is different! How likely is it that someone else is going to have the exact same mats as you? Not very (unless you share your photos or buy a matching set for your partner or best friend).

But here are some examples of full sets we’ve made for some of our customers already...

As you can see, they are all really different. It is like each customer has put a piece of their personality on the mats. So why not do the same? Check out our range of car mats and van mats and let us add that extra personal touch to your interior.  

Unsure about having a full mat? No problem! You can always opt for just your heelpad instead.

Already bought a set of Personalised Image Mats or mats with a Personalised Image Heelpad? Send them in! You may get featured in an upcoming post. 

*Please note that we are unable to print copyrighted material – for example logos owned by a company or someone other than yourself. High-res images are preferred but if your image is too small we’ll be back in touch to help resolve the issue for you.