Get your car ready for your summer staycation

Staycations in the UK are becoming more popular and are a great option for people wanting a cheap getaway

The British weather is doing us proud this year with sunshine filled days that make you think you are abroad. So it is a great time to jump in your car and explore the UK.

The only problem with a staycation is the amount of stuff you must take with you and try to fit in your car. The kitchen sink, kids with sticky fingers and dogs with wet paws, your car puts up with it all.

Fun in the sun can mean your car interior might get covered in sand from a day at the beach or grass and crumbs from your picnic. Hopping in and out of the car means it gets dirty even in nice weather.

Here at Premier Products we have you covered with everything you need to protect the interior of your car.

We offer a range of fully tailored and semi-tailored options.